Banko Wesley Methodist Preparatory School

Sponsors and help needed!!!!

As you might know, Moon&Star Guesthouse supports Banko Wesley Methodist preparatory school(besides  Anja's foundation 'Crossing borders for Ghana).

The youngest pupils are 2 years old. They are in the nursery/creche. The school is operating since 2 years. The school will grow with the students. Since this academic year the school has 4 classes besides the nursery; Kindergarten 1 and 2, and Primary 1 and 2.

Even though the government abolished corporal punishment in schools, it doesn't mean that every school has abandoned the 'old' ways. In some schools children get lashes with a cane, are verbally abused or laughed at when they don't know an answer. The defense for still using the old methods is often that the children are stubborn and they don't want to learn.
But in the schooling system there's not much time and space for teachers to look at the individual levels of their students.

We don't want to change the whole Ghanaian system, we can't of course and it's not necessary. But we do want to help the individual students by creating a unique school in this area. That's why we dedicate our time and efforts to Banko Methodist school.
We believe that Banko Methodist school can be a school where the focus will be on the pupils, where there is space for different levels, where the teachers take time for all pupils and where children won't be laughed at or caned, where pupils are encouraged to learn because the lessons are interesting for them.

Due to sponsors and the hard work of the school committee a lot has been accomplished during the last year. A new class room has been built, new desks are bought and the black boards are now black.
And since last academic year Moon&Star places volunteers at the school.

For the mean time we want to really focus on the quality of the education. We have an ambitious but realistic plan.
Last semester we organised a workshop for the teachers. The main goal of this workshop was to improve the knowledge of the teachers on the learning and focus abilities of young children. And the teachers interacted a lot about how to motivate children in stead of punishing them.
The school needs a good teaching staff and a good head master who can manage the school well.

Our plan is to subsidize the teacher's salaries for 2 years to a better level, so that we can hire motivated teachers. To improve their knowledge on topics that are important to make our school a unique school they will attend more workshops.
When the level of the school gets higher, the school will get more students. All parents want the best for their children, in the end the school fees can pay for the salaries of the teachers.

We will keep a close eye on this project. And you will find regular updates on this project here.
To make this plan work we need €1800,=.

We are looking for people who are interested in this project!
A donation would be great, but maybe there are people out there who want to organize a fund-raiser. Last year somebody raised €700,­= by selling cookies. This money enabled us to finish the new class room.

Do you want to help us?? Send a mail( or a private message on our Facebook page.

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