"Crossing borders for Ghana" is a foundation that supports several causes in Banko and surroundings. Anja van der Valk is the founder of "Crossing borders for Ghana".Anja came to Banko for the first time in 2001, because of voluntary work.

"Crossing borders for Ghana" has a lot of causes that we support in Banko and surroundings. There's a children's home, a health center and maternity, a Senior High school and several water projects.
We also support several schools in the area. We sponsor some very poor but promising students and some families.
We help these families financially, for example by making sure they have health insurance, but we also counsel them.

Unfortenately we also encounter terrible and urgent cases regularly, for example very sick children without health insurance or no coverage from the health insurance. We try to assist as much as possible.

On this page we will post regular updates/articles about our work.

Are you interested in volunteering for us? Get in touch with Patricia Zoer, co-owner of Moon and Star guesthouse, and the contact person and volunteer for "Crossing borders for Ghana" at Banko.