Using the Guesthouse as a home base there are several things you can see and do. The environment is very beautiful and the people are friendly, so you can always go for a walk. On this page you will find some tips of places worth seeing and doing. Of course we are willing to arrange a guide or help you with the preparations.

Activities in Banko and surroundings

🌙 Climbing the holy mountain
🌙 Join the workshop Traditional cooking
🌙 Visit Anja's Children's Home
🌙 Take a walk in the beautiful surroundings and enjoy
      the beautiful nature and birds
🌙 Go to farm with a local
🌙 Play soccer with the local youth
🌙 Find out how the traditional Kente cloth is being made


🌙 Visit Ashanti's capital city Kumasi
🌙 Swim in lake Bosumtwi
🌙 Go for a hike through the jungle of Bobiri Forest
🌙 Hike over the rocky trails at Bomfobiri Wildlife
     Sanctuary and spot crocodiles and antelopes and
     see the waterfalls
🌙 Visit Adonwomase, the town where they weave the
     Kente cloth for the Royal family
🌙 At Ntonso you can learn everything about the
     traditional Adinkra stamps which they use to print
🌙 Visit one of the traditional shrines