Since most guests eat at our restaurant during their stay at Moon&Star we use prices including the meals. As said before we have a fixed menu, based on the available ingredients. We do consider your wishes/diet.
If you go on a day trip during your stay, we will gladly parcel your lunch.

The following rooms are available; 1 single room, 3 double rooms, 1 twin room and a
family room(2 double beds).
We would like to know which room you prefer when you are booking.

All our prices are in Euro's and per person per night/day. We have a special rate for children below 13 years and for volunteers who are working in Ghana, for any organization(please produce evidence)

Other costs

* Invitation letter for Visa application for tourists: €25,=
* Placement and guidance fee for volunteers, the price is including
  airport service, accommodation in Accra and the journey to
  Banko: €300,=
* Weekly costs for a volunteer (full board and lodging): €85,=

Prices on the website could differ from the actual prices due to
the exchange rates. Please contact us for the most recent prices
or more information concerning volunteering or roundtrips.
Tel: 00233 543709331
Whatt's app: 00233 547478353
Price in Euro's, per person per
Adults Volunteers Children
Full board
(breakfast, lunch,dinner)
20 15 13
Half board
(breakfast, dinner)
17 13 11
Just breakfast 13 10 8
(no meals)
10 7,50 6