Patricia Zoer

I am the owner and manager of Moon&Star Guest house. This sounds very impressive... But at the same time I'm also the receptionist, the cook, the cleaning lady, the hostess and so on...
In 2001 I came to Ghana for the first time. It was love at first sight. I felt very attracted to Banko, the town were I was volunteering for 6 months.
Ever since I have been dreaming of a life in Banko.
Together with my son Tetey, my daughter Lucy and the staff I hope to welcome you soon at Moon&Star guesthouse

Asabere Kingsley Anni
Dorcas Aachia

Four days a week Dorcas is your host at Moon&Star. Dorcas is a cheerfull 21 year-old student. She cooks, cleans, shops, helps the guests with anything they need and so on. Dorcas has been with us for more than 2 years.

I proudly introduce my collegues and partners:

Ebenezer has been with Moon&Star for 3 years now. In the evenings he will provide the guests with a drink or anything else they need. He loves teaching our guests the local language, Twi. And in the night he will keep an eye on things.

Toontje Franssen

Toontje has been living at Accra, Ghana for the past 10 years together with her 2 sons. Toontje arranges the airportservice for Moon&Star and takes care of the volunteers during their first night in Ghana.
Toon and Pat are also working together when it comes to Travel&Tours.
Asabere is my dear friend and business partner.
He handles the paperwork for the guesthouse, replaces me when I travel and is often the tourguide during our organised roundtrips.
Besides all this and his day job Asabere is very busy with Moon&Star's extra projects(for example the Methodist school and Florence).

Bismark(left in the picture) also works 4 days a week at Moon&Star guesthouse. He is very skilful and likes to build. So most of the time you will see him covered with cement.
He is also our local guide, so he shows people around in Banko and surroundings or he can accompany you to one of the tourist attractions around.
And, lucky for us, he's just like Dorcas a great cook!