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"I highly recommend staying at Moon and Star during your trip through Ghana. The rooms are spacious and clean, there is a nice garden with terrace and an inside common space. Don't forget the bar! Pat and her family will immediately make you feel at home. The food is great. It is only a few minutes to the village of Banko, where I experienced people are very friendly and welcoming. During your visit you can do several things around such as climbing a mountain or visiting kente weavers. You can also go on a  day trip to the city Kumasi and Lake Bosumtwi."
Jennifer Kindt
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Ghana travel - 3,4 or 5 day Ashanti tour package
While travelling through Ghana it can be difficult to determine where to go and what to visit. Which tourist site is really worth it? How far is it to travel to the highlight? Which excursions can I combine in one day? How do I travel to all these beautiful places in  Ashanti and what are the cost for these tours?

We can answer all these questions

Moon&Star guesthouse now offers fully arranged tours through 'our' part of the undiscovered Ashanti region. Our tours are easy to combine with any other travel plans in Ghana that you might have.  Moon&Star guesthouse is on the route from Accra, Kumasi or the Volta to the northern part of Ghana.

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Completely arranged Ashanti tours
7 reasons why this Moon&Star tour is great for you!

1. Fully arranged
2. Local guides and drivers
3. Great accommodation
4. Relaxing environment
5. Excursions to 'hidden gems'
6. Delicious food
7. And yet competitively priced
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